September 16, 2012

September 15, 2012

Well I´m in Guatemala and it is pretty awesome. I feel that they are much more strict in this MTC but it is worth it to be in the country. The only big thing that I look forward to around here is the gym time, which is pretty funny looking because with all of the walls and barbed wire around the concrete gym yard it feels like having gym in a prison yard. The basketball hoops are really getto also with the metal chain nets and all, but I have mostly been playing soccer with the natives (on a concrete soccer field). It is way fun. I have been playing goalie and I´m ok at it. All of the natives have been wanting me on their teams for goalie. The goals are almost the size of two hockey nets so it is much more easier to play goalie here than it was in Provo. I wish they would want to play basketball but oh well.... I got a new companion, but we still have companions from the states thank goodness. My companion is Elder Rios.....Mexican. So all the natives mistake him for a Spanish speaker, which is pretty funny. And he was also a convert. He was baptized two years ago this week. It is truly amazing what the gospel can do to peoples lives. I really enjoy being his companion. The mtc is really small, with about 100 missionaries. Everyone who works here speaks Spanish and we have Spanish speaking roommates, so they are forcing us to learn Spanish. I'm thankful to be here because I feel like I need to be here to get my Spanish going. Our teachers can speak a very little bit of Spanish, so we can ask something if we absolutely don't know the words in Spanish. It is crazy how I occasionally catch myself thinking some things in Spanish. I have 5 and a half weeks here and that feels like forever from now, but I´m sure it will go faster than I anticipate. I love the MTC, but I really really look forward to the day I can serve in the field. Oh something else....I heard that we can get here, so that would be the fastest way for me to get letters because otherwise they say that it will take 10 to 15 days to receive letters. My address is

Cantro de Capacitación Misional Guatemala,
Buheuar Vista Hermosa 23-71,
Vista Hermosa I, Zona 15,
Guatemala City 01015,

Well that's pretty much all I have to say now. The food here is either amazing or horrible and my ability to try anything has occasionally been my down fall, but it is good practice because the food here is supposed to be similar to the field.
I want to let all of you know that this gospel is true and there is nothing more important I need to do right now.
Elder Simon

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