September 6, 2012

September 6, 2012

Well it has been two weeks now, but it feels like I have been here forever. Everything here is really repetitive, but you can still manage to enjoy everything by the spirit here. This week has been really interesting. My companion and I got to practice our door approaches this week (in Spanish of course) and our first time trying it with a real person behind the door we messed up, but it was a good learning experience. I'm glad we have nine weeks to get this stuff down. But this week we had our first real missionary experience. This last week i have been sick with a fever and some sinus problems, so the health center here told me and my companion to walk down the street to the BYU health center to see a doctor to get some drugs. While we were walking back to the MTC this guy on a bike started to ride along side of us and he slowed down a bunch to be at our walking pace and he then asked us how long have we been out then we told him that we have only been the MTC for two weeks. Then my companion asked if he served a mission and he told us that he served in St. Louis. So we told him that’s awesome, but then he told us that he doesn't go to church anymore. So after a long awkward pause my companion asked why? And he said "Oh because I'm gay!" .................I was seriously horrified and didn't know what to say. We continued talking to him until we got to the MTC, but we didn't to too good of a job inviting him unto Christ. Right when it was over i knew exactly what I should have said, but it was way too late. That’s by far the most interesting experience I have had in the last two weeks.

          So on this Tuesday I fly to Guatemala!!! At 8 pm we fly out to LA where we are going to have a 4 hour layover and then fly down to Guatemala city and arrive there around 6 in the morning. Elder Mijangos and I are really excited to be in public as missionaries for the first time, but it is also really scary after only being here as long as we have. When we get to the MTC I will get a native companion (They say this is to help me with my spanish, but I think they just enjoy tormenting me) and that companion will only be there for three weeks because they know Spanish and then I will get a second native companion to finish out my time in the MTC. I'm really excited to get to the Guatemala MTC! I hear that the food is a lot better there and won’t do strange things to your body like the food here. And we will be speaking Spanish 24/7. I don't feel ready for that especially since its only 5 days until then. 

         Well we are restricted on how much time we can email so i better end this, but I just want to let everyone know that I'm doing great! I love the spirit here and everyday I’m here I become a little more prepared to invite others to come unto Christ. I have a firm testimony that this is the building of Gods kingdom on this earth and being part of it is the happiest thing I can be doing right now.

Sincerely, Elder Drew Simon

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