October 4, 2012

October 2, 2012

We get to have our email today for this week instead of Saturday because it is conference weekend. Please tell people to send letters with my right name (Richard Simon) so I can receive them! Because I have only received one letter here and that was from dad. In Provo I was getting letters from everyone in Rexburg. And a letter could take 2-3 stamps.

Well it’s only  been a few days since my last email but we get to email again today because we won’t have the chance to email this Saturday because it is conference weekend. All of the latinos left for the mission field this week so we are getting a new group tomorrow. I hope this new group is as awesome as the old ones. Today we had a tour of the city and got to go to the downtown plaza and take pictures and we got to go shop at the markets for an hour and lastly we got to eat food at wendys. It was nice having food of the states. haha It only been 3 weeks and my taste for certain foods has been changing. I didn’t buy anything at the market, because the CCM president said that we should just buy more authentic things in the field. Well I only have two minutes left for email. My next one will be on Next Saturday.  Elder Simon

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