October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012

Ok so this last week has been nuts! On Tuesday morning we left really early and were in the mission home (where I got a ton of letters that got sent to the mission home and not the MTC, so if you sent me a letter in the MTC and I never recieved it you can probably count that I got it at the mission home.) in metting forever and then at 3 we got bussed off to the ZLs house in the Cap (Guat city) and we got split up we elders and got to work for that night. I was in a area of Guatemala city that has been pretty sketchy in the past. The elder I was with told me that there was one point for a week straight that they couldnt leave the apartment because it was too dangerous. You honsetly dont feel scared in places like that as a missionary, but I would probably never go over there without the nametage and in street clothes. So when we finished thaat night we all stayed the night at the ZLs house and would prepare for wednesday for the change meeting. I got assigned to La Libertad in Peten. Its a ten hour bus ride north of the cap. So I spent wednesday on a bus and I arrived to La Libertad wednesday morning. Our house is nasty! Concrete floors, tin roof, no running water (I shower with a bucket), and we can hear rats running on the roof. I have only seen one trantuala and that was one too many! We starting to work Thursday and we met one of the invesdgators that was preparing to be baptized on saturday. Because Im a gringo he asked me if I could do the baptisim. So on saturday I preformed my first baptisim. Our area is huge and only has one branch. Our area is as large at the whole Guatemala City central mission. My comp is from El Salvador and I cannot understand a word he says. His Spanish is way different! I sometimes feel like Im in solitaryconfinment because I cannot talk to anyone. All I know about him is his name and that he sleeps til 7 eveymorning.  More updates next week!

Btw If I tried to send yall a letter you probably wont recieve it until a little after Christmas and I wouldnt get a response letter til Febuary because of how far out Im at, so I can recieve emails from everyone now and not just family, so you guys should all email me at richard.simon@myldsmail.net
On top of this, Drew sent another e-mail that said that he is having a hard time because he keeps getting migraines that take away his vision, he is having a hard time eating and he is worried about his physical health.  But he still says that there is no amount of schooling or life experiences that you can receive in 2 years that will surpass the mission and he knows that this is the most important work in the world.  But he is worried about how he is feeling and also having a hard time not being able to talk to anyone.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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