October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

Well I get to write today and again this Saturday because of conference.
This last conference was amazing! That announcement regarding missionaries was insane and couldn't believe I was watching that change. I felt a very strong spirit with that announcement and I will be glad to have 18 year olds joining us in the next few months. And the change in age for the sisters is going to bring many more sisters into this work. This change is a sign that this work is progressing and the Lord needs more full time servants, I cannot wait to get into the field in 2 weeks to be more apart of that work. After listening to two days of conference I feel that it killed my Spanish, but my Spanish is doing well. I´m very thankful to be at this MTC where I have the chance to use Spanish more often than I would in Provo and I also get to hear the native spanish while I’m here unlike the MTC. Right now I can hold up conversations with most of the Spanish speakers here except for the ones from the Dominican Republic....those guys speak so fast. Besides that there are not too many things going on around here.
I’m counting down the days til I leave for the field, I love the MTC but I want to be in the field so badly. I hope everyone is doing well and if you want to write me it would be best to use dear elder because I don’t have much more time here. I know what I’m doing here is the most important thing I could be doing in my life and that this truly is God’s work! Im grateful to be part of the building of the kingdom.
Elder Simon

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