November 24, 2012

November 19, 2012

This week was migrane free and Im feeling great. My zone is so big land wise.....its all of Peten!! And there are only 24 elders in Peten out of the 200 in the mission. I'm lucky to be here. Everything is so much more foreign in this country than any other country in central America because of the whole Myan culture that is still very strong here.
Hermana Watts told me that if you want to send me a package for Christmas, send it now! And on the 17th of December we will be celebrating Christmas in our zone which will include watching a Disney movie and opening packages from home. On the 25th is when I'm calling. Oh and did Brett and Baylee receive a letter from me.

This week has been great! We still have bats, but its alright I guess. Our neighbors gave garlic, told us to sleep with the lights on, and to sleep under the covers so it wont bite our necks. Hahaha I love how superstitious Guats are. The scary part is that my comp believed every word they said, so we really do have garlic hanging around in our house. We also came upon a snake this week. We killed it, but my comp told me that it was a venomoussnake......Who knows all I know is that it was red.
The work has been going really well this week. Yesterday we did a division with some members and the member that was with me didnt want to say anything during our lesson, so yesterday I seriously taugh t100 percent of our lesson and I invitede the family to be baptized for next month and they excepted. It was a real confidence booster for my Spanish. Well I dont have too much more to write about, but I wanna let everyone know that I love being a missionary and I know without any doubt that this is the work of the Lord and this is his church. Elder Drew Simon

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