November 7, 2012

November 5, 2012

Week 2 has been even crazier that last week. I can now say that after one week I can pretty much understand everything my comp says and things in that respect are a lot better. My companion and I had and argument last week and he pretty much hates me right now and lectures me every night how I need to be doing what he says because he is the senior comp. I respect his authority, but I also am here to work and obey ALL of the rules perfectly and he just hasnt been doing that for a few months. This week we found a family that told us that they have been searching for the true church of God the last few months and been praying to find it. I can see the light in their eyes and can tell that they have been prepared to hear our message. If they don't end up getting baptized I will be devestated, but what can I do. Just pray. I'm still adjusting to the culture here. Saw a scorpion for the first time in my life last week that was exciting! Pray for me and this work.

Elder Simon

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