December 11, 2012

December 10, 2012

This week has been the hottest week by far since I have been in Peten. The capital has the best weather ever and is nice year round. When I was in the CCM I thought the weather was so nice in Guat and it wasn’t humid or hot like everyone said it would be, but Peten is a whole other thing. It’s always humid, but this week we were feeling the heat!! We haven’t had members able to work with us, so we spent three nights last week in the house. Sucks! But when we had members with us we got two members, so we were able to do divisions to make up for the lost nights. When I go on a division with a member all they can really do is share testimony because they don’t know how we teach and what not, so I end up doing almost hundred percent of the lessons. It has helped my confidence a lot when I teach without using my companion as a crutch for Spanish. One lady this last week asked me how long I have been in the field and after telling I have been here for six weeks she said that I speak a ton of Spanish for someone that has only been out one change. And in one of our lessons the member told our investigator that when I arrived to the area 6 weeks ago I didn’t know anything in Spanish and now I’m speaking a ton. These experiences have help my confidence a ton. I truly believe that the Lord blesses his missionaries with the language. I know that this is Gods work and I’m sharing his gospel in the fullness of times. Jesus is the Christ and we can only receive salvation through him.

Elder Simon

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