December 8, 2012

December 3, 2012

Well this week was super discouraging. I feel that his last week I had worked harder than any other week since I have been in the field, but we had no results. Our good investigators are not progressing, we had no one come to church, and we have a new mission rule that is making the work hard. Last week our zone was given a new rule. This rule is that if it is past 5pm and we don’t have a member with us we need to return to the house for the night. This has been due to security issues in the capital, but I’m super safe where I’m at in Guat. So my companion and I decided that we were going to make a list to bring to the church for the members to sign up to work with us during the week. During church yesterday we had only 17 people in attendance during sacrament and only had 3 active adult males at church who can work with us and only 2 signed up. So for this next week we are really worried that we will not be able to get work done. This rule is hard on the areas like mine where we only have a small branch. We are going to need to pray a lot to be able to get to work this week!! That’s all that has really happened this week.

Elder Simon

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