January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

I cannot believe that I'm already 5 months into my mission. The time seriously goes by so fast. This last week we had interviews with President and Hermana Watts. I love them so much and it is always great talking to president. He told us that we need to try to change the way the members think about missionary work. Many times we think it is our job as missionaries to work and we can use the members to help us out, but it is the other way around. The missionary work is the job of the members and they need to use us to get the work done. As missionaries we are going to try to change the form of thinking of the members. Another thing that president told me that really pumped me up was that when we are knocking on someones door it is the same as the kingdom of God knocking on their door, the only means of salvation is knocking on their door. He then asked if we are take our calling that serious whenever we knock on doors? This last week we tried to put three different baptism dates, but all three of them can't go because they don't have documents from the government to become married. The majority of the people here are ¨married¨ but not legally married, due to money issues.

Well I would like to share how I know that this work truly is the work of God. As missionaries we are the hope of Israel. It is strange to think of such a grand responsibility we have when we only have 19 years. I know that this church is the only church of God on the face of the earth. Elder Simon

January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

 Everyone.... This week has seriously been super crazy with getting placed into my new are and what not. My companion is from Nicaragua. So I got two lat comps in a row!! My spanish is good enough right now where it really isnt any problem to communicate with him. The capital has been very exciting and fast pace. The people here auctly reject us and argue with us unlike in the jungle. But when we do get in the door it is a lot easier to teach and they understand a lot more here and they can read!! The city has a lot more mony than the jungle (no suprise) and I now live in an apartment instead of a house. This apartment has about the same quality as apartments in the states! Its super nice! It is a whole different world than what I was living in a week ago. Another thing that is nice is that we have other Elders who live in the same complex as us so we get to see them often. In my last area the closest missionaries lived an hour from me by car on the highway.

Its was nice hearing from Elder Christofferson last week. He served in Argentina, so he speaks near perfect spanish and he can changed his accent to meet the Guat accent. He pretty much told us to be obedient and work hard and that if we are not obedient we wont have the spirit with us. I hope a lot of the missionaries were paying attention. Its awesome to hear that Jared got to hear from someone from the 12 as well. Im seriously jealous because Elder Holland is by far my favorite speaker in the whole church. Well thats all I have now. 

Elder Simon  

January 16, 2013

January 14, 2013

This last week was an interesting week. Elder Ramos and I were both working really hard because neither one of us knew if we would never see this area again. We did a service project for a guy in the branch this last Thursday. We went out into the fields out into the middle of nowhere to clear a field of weeds. We did this by chopping the whole field down with machetes (spelling sucks). In the middle of it I stepped on an ant hill of Guatemalan killer ants. The swarmed my shoes and covered my legs and we biting really hard. I freaked out pretty quickly and got my shoes off and started to pour water down my legs to get them off me. By the time I got them all off the top of my feet were bleeding from all of the bites.......... That was the only real exciting story that happened this last week.
 Last night we were waiting for our change phone calls to find out if who is leaving or if we were staying together. I was very anxious. Ten thirty passed and we assumed that the changes calls were being postponed until the morning. But at 1115 the phone rang and woke us up with the news of the changes....... So here it is, I am leaving my area and going to Guatemala City! I was really bummed because I love my current area and the people here. Saying goodbye to some of my converts this morning was a very hard. I really don’t want to go! ..........So what happens to me tonight is that I’m going to get on a bus for 10 hours to go to the Capital and tomorrow I’m going to meet my comp and start work in my new area.

Oh another exciting thing is that Elder Christoferson form the quorum of the 12 is coming to Guatemala City this Thursday. So because I’m moving to the Cap I will get to see him speak!!! But besides that I hope I get changed back out of the Cap in 6 weeks.

I know that this is all the work of God!!

Elder Simon

January 10, 2013

January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Well I have now been a missionary for 20 weeks! It really feels like it has been longer than that with all of theexperiences I have had. This week I'm going to finish my training and we will be finding out if we have changes or both this SundayI'm crossing my fingers that I have a change or a change companion wise. Nothing against my companion, but we have already done 12 weeks together. This last week we had a baptism! (A great way to finish a change). The lady we baptized is the mother of the 13 year old kid who I baptized my first week in the field. It was such a spiritual baptism and everyone could tell that she is very ready to be a member of the church. She was already paying tithing to the church before we even taught her about tithing. I really want to see what will happen with the rest of the members in that family. I know that this gospel is true and that as a missionary you get to see how it can changes the lives of the people who embrace it! I'm really excited to start 2013. This will be the only whole year of my life as a missionary of the Lord and I'm excited! Elder Simon

January 1, 2013

December 31, 2012

Well I now have 19 weeks as a missionary! It really feels like it have been more than that. The Christmas was really weird for not being home for the first time ever on Christmas. I made my phone call and then spent the day playing monopoly with my comp. Besides that the week was pretty dry. This week wasn’t very productive for us if you look at the stats we had, but we were out and going every day. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday and I’m really looking forward to it. This will probably be my first real baptism. The lady we are going to baptize is very prepared and knows everything about the church. I hope that soon the rest of her family will follow her decision. This is a very short email this week, but I don’t have too much more to say. The Church is true! 
Elder Simon