January 16, 2013

January 14, 2013

This last week was an interesting week. Elder Ramos and I were both working really hard because neither one of us knew if we would never see this area again. We did a service project for a guy in the branch this last Thursday. We went out into the fields out into the middle of nowhere to clear a field of weeds. We did this by chopping the whole field down with machetes (spelling sucks). In the middle of it I stepped on an ant hill of Guatemalan killer ants. The swarmed my shoes and covered my legs and we biting really hard. I freaked out pretty quickly and got my shoes off and started to pour water down my legs to get them off me. By the time I got them all off the top of my feet were bleeding from all of the bites.......... That was the only real exciting story that happened this last week.
 Last night we were waiting for our change phone calls to find out if who is leaving or if we were staying together. I was very anxious. Ten thirty passed and we assumed that the changes calls were being postponed until the morning. But at 1115 the phone rang and woke us up with the news of the changes....... So here it is, I am leaving my area and going to Guatemala City! I was really bummed because I love my current area and the people here. Saying goodbye to some of my converts this morning was a very hard. I really don’t want to go! ..........So what happens to me tonight is that I’m going to get on a bus for 10 hours to go to the Capital and tomorrow I’m going to meet my comp and start work in my new area.

Oh another exciting thing is that Elder Christoferson form the quorum of the 12 is coming to Guatemala City this Thursday. So because I’m moving to the Cap I will get to see him speak!!! But besides that I hope I get changed back out of the Cap in 6 weeks.

I know that this is all the work of God!!

Elder Simon

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