January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

 Everyone.... This week has seriously been super crazy with getting placed into my new are and what not. My companion is from Nicaragua. So I got two lat comps in a row!! My spanish is good enough right now where it really isnt any problem to communicate with him. The capital has been very exciting and fast pace. The people here auctly reject us and argue with us unlike in the jungle. But when we do get in the door it is a lot easier to teach and they understand a lot more here and they can read!! The city has a lot more mony than the jungle (no suprise) and I now live in an apartment instead of a house. This apartment has about the same quality as apartments in the states! Its super nice! It is a whole different world than what I was living in a week ago. Another thing that is nice is that we have other Elders who live in the same complex as us so we get to see them often. In my last area the closest missionaries lived an hour from me by car on the highway.

Its was nice hearing from Elder Christofferson last week. He served in Argentina, so he speaks near perfect spanish and he can changed his accent to meet the Guat accent. He pretty much told us to be obedient and work hard and that if we are not obedient we wont have the spirit with us. I hope a lot of the missionaries were paying attention. Its awesome to hear that Jared got to hear from someone from the 12 as well. Im seriously jealous because Elder Holland is by far my favorite speaker in the whole church. Well thats all I have now. 

Elder Simon  

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