February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

This week was a very good week for teaching and it was interesting. Our mission had some emergency changes this week and as a result my comp became DL. I'm still worried whats going to happen to this district. He was freaking out when we found out. Teaching wise we got a lot done. By tonight we should have 6 baptism dates for the month of February. One of the guys is a minister from another church whose wife is a member. He believes in the Book of Mormon and preaches with it, but he doesn't want to give up being a minister in his church. I think it would be really exciting if we can get him to commit to baptism tonight!

heard a story from another Elder who said that he once poured alcohol on his name tag and lit it on fire to take some cool fotos and he said it made it look super cool. I thought that I should try that too. I realized that I only have hand sanitizer, so I used that to make the fire, but then it just began to melt my name tag. Now the letters on "ELDER" are all messed up. I definitely let the dumb 19 year old come out of me.

Well I know with all my heart that this church is true. It is the only church we can receive salvation and that has the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love bringing people to the light of the truth.

Elder Simon

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