March 1, 2013

February 25, 2013 (6 months!)

When I emailed Drew back and forth on Monday he said that he loves the area he is serving in but it probably has a lot to do with the fact that he really is enjoying his companion.  Thi week they are going to have changes, so he might get moved or his companion might be changed.  He said that his favorite foods are rice, beans and tortillas.  He is really torn about which mission he wants to end up in when they divide it.
Woo hoo I'm one fourth way through my mission. To celebrate my six months I made a bacon we've!! We found American bacon!! It doesn't feel like I have been here that long, but the time goes way fast. For my six months we got a really excitingannouncement. The Guatemala City North mission is going to be divided into two different missions. The Guatemala Coban mission and the Guatemala City East mission. The north mission will no longer exist. We wont find out what mission we are in until the end of June. I really really cant wait to find out what my mission will be. Its hard for me to say which mission I want because Mission Coban will have my last area and all of the jungle ares of Guatemala, which are really really beautiful places, but the East mission will have President Watts. Everyone wants to go to Coban in this mission, but we all want president Watts as well, so that's a hard decision. That's really the only exciting news I have. I should have a baptism this Saturday (with my fingers crossed that it doesn't fall through). I'm working really hard and I love having the chance to share my testimony everyday. My testimony has grown so much and I'm learning to truly convert myself to this gospel.  
Elder Simon

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