March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Drew and I chatted through e-mail today, so in addition to the things he says in the email below, he also told me that he has not had headaches in a while.  His new house is similar to the one he had in La Libertad with cement walls and tin roof except it has a lot more rats but no tarantulas and he said he was happy about not having tarantulas. There is no indoor plumbing.  The town he is in is quite small and does not have any stores.  They have to go about 30 minutes away (not sure if he meant by foot or in a car) to get to a grocery store.  He said it is super hot there.  His new companion goes home in May and is super quiet and very serious and Drew hopes he loosens up and starts to talk more.  The Mayan ruins are all around him and on his nextpday he plans to go see some of them. 

Well this week was just absolutely crazy with the changes that happened. We had our change meeting where we found out where we are going. So here is my change. I'm in a small town called Dolores which is in Peten. Most missionaries in this mission start their missions in the City and die in the city without ever knowing anything outside. When I left Peten one change ago everyone told me that I would never leave the Capital. But I'm the first person they have ever heard of that was born in Peten, moved to the cap for a change and then right back to Peten. My MTC comp Elder Mijangos was in this area before me and he told me that my comp is apostate. He said that God must be preparing me for something because everyone knows me in this mission for having the three most apostate companions in the whole mission. My comp is a nice guy though. He is from Honduras, so my Spanish will be getting even better than it already is.
To get back to Peten this week I had to take another 10 hour bus ride. Which sucked! And then on Thursday morning I arrived in my area. They haven't had gringo missionaries in this area that speak decent Spanish for a long time. A lot of them when I arrived were making fun of me because by looking at me I'm pure gringo and they are used to gringos who don't speak Spanish, so they thought Icouldn't understand, but then I called them out in Spanish and they were all shocked. I'm not going to lie I was pretty pissed off and gave them a hard time about that. We have our church meetings in a small house on Sundays. The attendance was 12. There is a lot of work to do in this area. My comp thinks I'm going to be here for awhile. I really hope we can build up this branch. The church seriously has no presence here. I'm not too happy to be in this area right now, but I know its where the Lord needs me. I know that this is Gods work and that only through this gospel one can receive redemption.

Elder Simon

The picture is of Drew and his first companion in the field on the left (from La Libertad) and his companion that he just left in Guatemala City last week.

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