March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

 Well this week was really productive. I'm becoming more and more sensitive to the spirit as a missionary. This week we had lessons that I knew after wards that Icouldn't have even taught it better in English. I'm not saying that to say that my Spanish is great, but when the spirit is present the Lord makes all of the words come out the way the investigator needs to hear it.
Yesterday we got the change phone calls. My companion has sources in the office that told him 3 days early that I'm going to be training and he will be leaving the area, but when the change phone calls came in we found out that it is reverse and that I'm leaving and he is staying as a trainer. My comp wishes that we were still together for another change. So I'm going to have 3 areas in 4 transfers. It is really odd for someone to be in a area for one change, so everyone thinks I'm leaving the Capital for Peten or Coban and that I will end up being in the Coban mission and that's why I'm having this change. But we will see. I'm truly really sad to leave this area. I absolutely love the members here and my companion. It will be hard to say goodbye. On Wednesday I find out where I'm going.

I truly know that this is Gods work and that he puts his servants where they are needed. I know that wherever I go the Lord needs me there. I'm really excited to start my time in another part of the Lords vineyard. If I work with diligence I will be blessed and love wherever I am.

Elder Simon

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