December 24, 2013

December 16, 2013

I forgot to send this out last week and he did not send a letter this week, but we will be talking to him tomorrow!

This week was a very tough week. We started off the week very focused on the baptisms that we were going to have.  We visited them every night preparing them for the baptism. On Friday we they had the baptism interviews. The people here get really nervous about the baptism interviews because they are expecting some really hard test. So we fasted so that every thing would run smoothly. I had a exchange in Sayaxche with an Elder named Elder Loveland, while my district leader went with Elder Lutz to Libertad to do the interviews. On Friday night I got the phone call that they all passed and everything was good to go for the baptism. On Saturday we had to clean the baptism font because it was really dirty. We started about two and we were going to have the baptism at 5. A little after 4 a member came to the church and told us that they were no longer getting baptized. I was shocked. I didn't believe it, so we went to their house and we had a talk with them. They gave us a bunch of reasons of why they couldn't be baptized. It was such a terrible feeling as we walked out of their house. I know that they have received an answer from God that these things are true, but its not important enough to act on it for them. It was very sad. That took away all of the excitement that we had for that day. 

Well this week we are going to work with them and see what we need to do to help them get where they need to be. I know that this is Gods church and that through the covenants that we make with our Heavenly Father we can be with our families forever. 

Elder Simon

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