January 27, 2014

January 20, 2014

Well this week was one of the craziest weeks of my mission. I've had a cough for the last three weeks and we got it checked up one on Tuesday in a clinic. They did a test on my lungs and informed me that I need to stay there hospitalized. It was really boring in the hospital. We really couldn't do to much there. On Friday they let me out. We went to a branch activity and then on Saturday we just prepared for our baptism. I was very excited about that! The lady we baptized is named Norma. She has been an investigator for 7 years. I have visited her most of my mission and it was great seeing her get baptized. She really has a strong testimony and is very excited about missionary work. On Saturday we got our transfer phone calls. We found out to my surprise that I'm leaving. And Elder Lutz is staying and training!! I'm very proud of him, but at the same time very sad to leave Libertad. It is an area so special to me. I wanted to cry when I found out I was leaving. Yesterday I said goodbye to most of the members. It was definitely one of the saddest days of my mission. I'm sure that it is about time I leave Peten and the Lord probably needs me elsewhere.

I know the church is true. I know that Christ lives and that he loves everyone of us.

Elder Simon

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