January 7, 2014

January 6, 2014

Wow these holidays have been crazy! Christmas was really fun and so was the new year. I went to bed at 10:30 and at midnight I woke up because of all of the fireworks. 

About two weeks ago we went to a less active members house named Luis and inside the house we saw a lil old lady from the states that couldn't speak a drop of Spanish. The first thing we asked was how did she get here. And then she told us how she teaches English in some schools. She told us that she is from North Carolina and she said " I dont wanta offend yalls but yalls are brained washed and I cant talk to yall because I dona wana go to hell."  We kind of left it there and stopped talking to her. But a week later we went to his house and Luis came outside to talke to us. We were chating for about three minutes when she came out saying "Can you guys get outa here so that Luis can talk to his sister. I don't like it that yalls comin here to brainwash Luis. Now I understand why yalls have so much success here because yall don't understand the word NO when someone tells you no". I then said umm we always visit Luis. He is a good friend of mine and I have know him for a while. All we want to do is visit him and see if we can help him in anyway". She said "How can you help him! He don't want to be no mormon no more. We burnt that devils book the so called other testament!" I was very close to losing my temper, but I just said "Ma'am..I am NOT brainwashed. I was not raised in some mormon combine in the middle of nowhere. You have been very disrespectful towards us and I'm very sorry if we offended you in anyway."  Then we just left. It was just strange because it was my first time talking to an English speaker in my mission and she was crazy. But besides that we had some other good things happen. We are going to have baptisms next week! We are going to baptize a lady that has been a investigator for years. I even taught here with my trainer last year. And she is now finally going to get baptized. I'm so excited. We also got the exciting news that they are going to put a third companionship in La Libertad. They are really pushing to become a stake. The branch president told me that if we don't get an attendance of 120 this trimester we won't become a stake. Well we got a lot of work to do.

 I know that this is Gods church. It doesn't matter what others say because it is the truth! I know that we have a Prophet of God on the earth again.

Elder Simon

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