March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

Drew sent these pics and ran out of time to send a weekly letter but you can see that he was pretty excited about finding Crunch Berries in Guatemala.  He also told me that while he desperately misses La Libertad, he has a lot more food options and is eating really well where he is at now.  He was able to get a suit made for himself and they put the Guatemala flag on the inside.  In these pics is the pic of his bed with the Seahawk blanket I made him, so I know that it is REALLY Drew! :)

Drew also sent an email to Baylee, all in Spanish.  He basically told her that he is happy she is doing basketball, to practice hard, play it through high school and that basketball is a lot better than softball (she has played softball for 3 years and this is her first time playing basketball).  She really is playing because of how much Drew has pushed for her to do it.  He also used to spend a lot of time with her shooting hoops and pushing her in that direction before his mission.  He is a great older brother! 

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