April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

Drew did not send a regular weekly letter because they didn't have enough internet time.  So I am sharing a few things that he talked to me about that I think is interesting:

I'm doing great. Sorry I couldn't write yesterday. We had to go to Guatemala City to sign papers for my companion's visa. We got back really late. But good news is that while we were in the city I went to Walmart!! It was the first time I have seen a Walmart in 20 months!! I bought Chex Mix!!! They also had a lot of other good stuff from the states, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money.  Mom, I didn't even look for cheezits. I was SO mad. We were on the bus going back to our area and it hit me! "I went to Walmart and I didn't even look for Cheezits!!"

It's a 3 hours bus ride. Its terrible because it is the most zig-zaggy bus ride in the world! Oh we left a 3:30 am. I didn't get to sleep all night because I was up talking with my zone leaders and then when we left I couldn't sleep on the bus, because the bus was full. I had to sit on a bucket in the aisle of the bus. But some people even have to ride standing for the whole three hours. One time in Peten I was on a bus for an hour and a half standing and I puked when I jumped out of the bus.

So, not typical email from Drew but still entertaining. :)

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